Know about different kinds of fish bait!

If you are a beginner in fishing, then it is necessary to know about the kinds of fish bait. There are numerous kinds of fish bait utilized in several regions across Canada in Saltwater and Freshwater. It is also recommended to visit the Bam Baits website to get an idea about each fish bait and their prices. Before starting to shop, learn about the kinds of fish bait, storage techniques, and more here.

Some of the common kinds of fish bait easily available at tackle and live bait shop are as follows:

  • Insects: Grasshoppers, crickets, mealworms, and wax worms or grubs.
  • Minnows: Creek chubs, suckers, golden shiners, shad, and flatheads.
  • Leeches: Large and jumbo sizes.
  • Worms: Redworms and nightcrawlers.

Live worms:

One of the common live bait options across Canada is worms. It plays a main part in bait shops. Redworms and nightcrawlers are the best options to buy at the local bait shop. If possible, you can also obtain them by digging your backyard. These worms are stored or sold in foam containers that have breathable lids. For example, if you are going for a day trip, you can purchase around one to two dozen worms. It will be sufficient for an entire day’s fishing trip.

Storage: It is usually stored in Styrofoam containers that hold one to two dozen. If you are obtaining from your home backyard, you can store it in a jar. Ensure to make holes in the lid so that it can breathe. When you are at home, ensure to keep the jar in the refrigerator and while you go to water, you can place it in the shade.

Species: Most of the freshwater species prefer worms. However, they are utilized to target smaller Bass and common Panfish near shore or off the dock. Red worms are the best option for trout in stocked lakes and streams.


One of the best options for fishing large catches like Walleye is the leeches. It is an excellent alternative to worms if you are targeting Panfish. Leeches can be utilized with advanced and basic rigs and they are versatile.

Storage: It can be stored in a tub, keep in water and if needed you can cover the plastic tub. Ensure to keep under shade when it is in the saucer. Worms and leeches can be kept in the live bait lodge container.


Insects are common kinds of fishing bait. It is easily available in prairie fields and pet stores across the country. Grasshoppers or Crickets are the hot options when you are targeting trout in small streams.

If you are a newbie for fishing, there is no need to worry about mastering all kinds of fishing bait. You can begin with nightcrawlers and catch a lot of fish. After you master the warm, you can start utilizing leeches as it aids in catching large Panfish. Once you get experienced with these two, you can start to target large game fish such as Trout, Walleye, and Bass.